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Watch Pastor Barry’s Acts 2 Story

Pastors Barry and Sophia Brown

Evangel Assembly of God

Glenolden, Pennsylvania

“Thank you, AGTrust, for helping churches like ours take the Acts 2 Journey! This experience helped us look at our mission with a different perspective, come together as a team, and focus on God’s kingdom agenda for our church.”

Barry and Sophia Brown have served as pastors of Evangel Assembly of God in Glenolden, Pennsylvania, since 2012. Glenolden is a borough in Delaware County, which has a population of more than 7,100.

Pastors Barry Brown and his leadership team at Evangel Assembly of God in Glenolden, Pa., participated in the Acts 2 Journey in 2015, and their vision for ministry is stronger today as a result.

Pastor Barry and his leadership team participated in and led Evangel Assembly through the Acts 2 Journey in 2015. Today the team is still strong, working together, and taking advantage of every opportunity to advance God’s kingdom.

Evangel Assembly is an ethnically diverse congregation serving together to share Christ with their community.

Worship service at Evangel Assembly of God

Evangel Kids is a thriving ministry at Evangel Assembly.

Evangel Assembly of God is one of nearly 1,800 churches in 35 districts that have redefined their vision and mission during their participation in the one-year Acts 2 Journey, directed by Alton Garrison, and they are healthier and growing as a result.

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