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Watch the Story of City Limits’ Journey

Pastors Jimmie and Debbie Rivera

City Limits Assembly of God

Allentown, Pennsylvania

“The Acts 2 Journey brought new life to City Limits Assembly of God because the training wasn’t focused on the question: How can we bring people into this church? but on the question: How can we get the church out of this building! Thank you, AGTrust, for helping our church to participate in the Journey.”

City Limits Assembly of God, located in center city Allentown, Pennsylvania, is one of 1,677 churches that have taken the Acts 2 Journey toward new vision and better health. 

Jimmie and Debbie Rivera planted City Limits Assembly of God in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in 1994. After pastoring the church for 26 years, Pastor Jimmie Rivera began to struggle with how the church was doing under his leadership. He wondered if he should retire. But when his district sent him an invitation to an Acts 2 Journey seminar and he attended, he recognized this could be the tool to help strengthen the church and instill new vision in himself and the congregation. 

Members of City Limits Assembly of God help with the food bank outreach to the people of Allentown.

Allentown, with a population of nearly 126,000, is the fastest-growing major city in Pennsylvania and the third largest behind Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. 

The congregation at City Limits Assembly is actively reaching out to their community and tangibly loving people in ways that will impact their lives for the long term. They host block parties, help clean the streets, provide bicycles for kids, distribute food and water to those in need, provide  a turkey dinner at Thanksgiving, and give out Christmas trees in that season. 

Pastor Jimmie Rivera baptizes new believers at City Limits AG.

“These outreaches offer many opportunities for us to share the gospel and help people find the peace, love, and acceptance that only Jesus can give,” Pastor Rivera says.

The church is located in center city Allentown, the fastest-growing major city in Pennsylvania. The congregation participates in several evangelism outreaches each year where “Everyone leaves the building, the city becomes the church, and the church becomes the altar,” Pastor Rivera says.

A total of 1,677 churches from 45 districts and 3 ethnic fellowships have participated in the Acts 2 Journey. Your gift today to AGTrust will help more local churches take the Acts 2 Journey and gain new vision! 

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