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Marked Church Sees 40 Come to Christ

Pastors Kris and Ashley Dillard and children

Marked Church

Fayetteville, North Carolina

"Thank you, AGTrust and The Church Multiplication Network! You blessed us with $50,000 in Matching Funds to help successfully launch Marked Church in Fayetteville. We are so grateful for your support!"

Pastor Kris says, "In the midst of a pandemic, Ashley and I felt God say PLANT and so we did something CRAZY...we planted Marked Church. And we've seen God reward us for our faithfulness to His call."

Pastor Kris Dillard with six people who have been water baptized at Marked Church

On launch day in September 2020, Marked Church saw an incredible harvest of 300 people in attendance, and the church has retained more than 60 percent of that number.

In the city of Fayetteville, where 51 percent of the 200,000-plus population do not attend church, Marked Church has witnessed 40 people accept Christ, 15 participate in and complete Growth Track, and six be water baptized.

Marked Church has a four-point mission the congregation is actively engaged in: 1) point the lost home, 2) live in community through circles, 3) celebrate and worship God through weekend gathering (both in person and online), and 4) love on their city through serving.

40 people have accepted Christ and 6 have been water baptized at Marked Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina, since it launched in September 2020.

During the pandemic the church began reaching out to a number of people in the city by paying their rent, filling up refrigerators and taking care of utility bills.

"We are not just IN the city," Kris says, "we are FOR the city."

The church never saw the COVID-19 pandemic as an inconvenience, but a a conveyor belt to jump on. They ramped up their social media presence and purchased top-notch production gear to help them effectively influence the community for Christ through YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

"Since our launch we've witnessed a collection of more than 80,000 online views of the church's weekend gathering," Kris says.

More than 300 people attended Marked Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina, on launch day.

Marked Church now has adopted a campaign challenge, called "ALL FOR THE ONE." Their goal is to go after 1 percent of Fayetteville's 200,000 population and share Christ with them.

"We are not focusing on recycled Christians," Pastor Kris says, "but on those who've yet to be adopted into God's family. Marked church has adopted the 99 for the 1 story (Parable of the Lost Sheep, Matt. 18:12-14) and we are aggressively going after the lost in our city to be loved, accepted, and established into the family of God.

"After those 2,000 come home to God, we're going after 2,000 more. We love seeing lost people come home and helping to develop them. We've adopted the 'fixer upper' model. We have seen how God takes the overlooked people and turns them into incredible testimonies that everyone soon experiences. Yes, we are marked to mark others. Till All Know Jesus is our vision, and we're running in grace at His pace!"

Pastor Kris Dillard and members of the congregation at Marked Church

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