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An Oasis of Hope in Richmond

Pastors Nate and Anna Clarke

Oasis Church

Richmond, Virginia

"AGTrust is making an eternal impact on Richmond, Virginia. Thank you, friends, for your support that helped us to create a place where the hurt, lost, broken, and weary can find an Oasis of hope. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you."

Both Nate and Anna were born and raised in the Richmond area, and each experienced God calling them into ministry as a teenager. Early in their marriage they believed He would lead them to plant a church at some point but they had no idea where. After five years as evangelists, they knew God was calling them to plant a church back in Richmond, a metro area with a population of 1.3 million-plus.

Dozens of people have been water baptized at Oasis Church in Richmond, Virginia, in the first year of this church plant.

Prior to launching Oasis Church in Richmond in September 2019, Pastors Nate and Anna Clarke, along with a core group of leaders, spent a year in prayer and planning.

"We had an incredible pre-launch season that focused on relationship and team building," Pastor Nate says, "and by launch day we had a committed core group that felt like family!"

Oasis Church members serve selflessly, give sacrificially and love boldly.

In the early months the Oasis Church family began a steady growth in both number and spiritual depth.

"People were surrendering their lives to Jesus, new hope was being proclaimed through baptism, and countless people were stepping into their calling to serve," Nate says.

When the COVID-19 pandemic brought challenges in spring 2020, Oasis Church began providing online services for adults and a special online service for Oasis Kids. The leadership and congregation went to work on creating solutions that had a personal touch and they took action. They began connecting with people in isolation through handwritten notes, phone calls, and virtual crew meetings. The church created a COVID-19 relief fund to help lead a meal distribution site and provide support bags for medical professionals.

Oasis Kids at Oasis Church in Richmond, Virginia

Oasis Church recently regathered as a church, navigating COVID procedures and precautions to create a safe environment to worship together again.

"Our ministry methods at Oasis may have changed, but our mission never will," Nate says.

"Thank you again, AGTrust and Church Multiplication Network, for the Matching Funds and training support! With your help, God's guidance, and a great team that serves selflessly, gives sacrificially, and loves boldly, hundreds of people have experienced Christ and dozens have been baptized in less than one year."


Ministry methods may have changed at Oasis Church, but the congregation's prayer, planning and outreach to the lost continue.

THANK YOU for helping AGTrust and CMN to plant and equip healthy churches like Oasis Church in Richmond, Virginia. A total of 581 church plants across America are reaching people for Christ today because of your support.

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