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Celebrating the 500th Church Plant

Pastors Paul and Christina Hanfere

Overflow City Church

Silver Spring, Maryland

AGTrust has helped plant more than 500 churches through the Matching Funds, in cooperation with Church Multiplication Network, since its formation a decade ago (2008-2018).

The 500th church plant, Overflow City Church in Silver Spring, Maryland, launched on September 9, 2018. Silver Spring, which is part of the greater Washington, D.C., area, is the fourth most diversely populated area in the United States, with nationalities represented from all over the world.

Since the church launched in September, 18 people have made decisions for Christ at Overflow City Church in the greater Washington, D.C., area.

On launch day Pastors Paul Hanfere, wife Christina, and their team of 60 dynamic and gifted individuals welcomed 346 adults and youth, plus 25 children, to their new church.

“Thank you, AGTrust friends, for making Overflow City Church possible! You are funding LIFE CHANGE through your generous giving. We church planters can have the greatest vision, but if we don’t have the provision, it can’t happen.”

The Matching Funds, made possible by AGTrust partners, helped Overflow to secure a place of worship at the Regal Movie Theater, in the heavily populated heart of downtown Silver Spring, located one-half mile from the metro. The funds also helped Overflow start outreach programs and purchase equipment.

Overflow City Church in Silver Spring, Maryland

God first planted the desire in Paul’s heart for a church plant in the Washington, D.C., area while Paul was still in ministry school. “At a small worship gathering, God spoke to my heart: ‘I want you to gather my lost sons and daughters in this city.’ At that moment I realized God’s passionate desire for people, and it was up to me to respond.”

Since the September launch, 18 people have made decisions for Christ at Overflow!

“Christina and I and our team have a vision to pursue people from every nationality and walk of life in the greater Washington, D.C., area and help them encounter God.

“With a metro population of 6 million people, D.C. is ranked as the most educated and affluent city in the nation. Yet, it also currently has the highest drug addiction and divorce rates. The number of homeless and poverty-stricken people is staggering. This indicates that something is deeply broken in our nation's capital that money, prestige or education can't fix. We believe the answer is the message of Jesus Christ that will change and transform lives.”

This young church is already actively creating partnerships with city organizations to help with homelessness, poverty and drug addiction issues, and with community outreach programs to help meet other needs in the city.

In addition to weekly services, Overflow will host monthly worship gatherings where people can come to them for prayer for healing and other needs, and they will have opportunity to give the gospel to those who typically would not come to church.

Overflow City Church seeks to be a safe place where people from every station in life can have a genuine encounter with God and discover their purpose.

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