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Planting New Churches



    "Thank you, AGTrust partners! You were instrumental in coming alongside to support us in the unique church planting vision God called us to long ago. When the property became available to Real Life Church, we were able to secure it immediately because of access to the Matching Funds through CMN and AGTrust. This was a critical step in helping us move forward."

Dr. Svetlana and Michael Papazov
Real Life Church (AG)
Richmond (Midlothian), Virginia

    PLANTING CHURCHES: The matching Fund provided by AGTrust, in partnership with Church Multiplication Network (CMN), assists AG church plants across the nation like Real Life Church (AG) by providing up to $30,000 of their start-up costs. Each church plant then replenishes that amount to the Matching Fund over time to help launch more church plants. Thank you, AGTrust partners! Your support of AGTrust has helped launch nearly 400 church plants since 2008. Together, we are helping to Transform America!
    For Pastor Svetlana and her husband, Michael, who leads worship, 13 years as small business owners shaped their passion for entrepreneurs and marketplace ministry. Svetlana was a landscape architect in the landscape business she and Michael previously operated.
    "We led our business as a mission and in worship to God," Svetlana says. "We gave our customers Bibles as thank-you gifts when we finished landscaping their yards, prayed with those who were receptive, and discipled our employees." During this time, she says, God stirred within her a passion for awakening the church to the reality that worship is much more than a Sunday morning service.
    Real Life Church (AG), which launched on January 17, 2016, is the first AG church in the nation to launch a business incubator. The church's Entrepreneurial Center opened its doors three months prior to the launch in the same buildling. It provides a collaborative environment, co-working space, and a business incubator that helps aspiring entrepreneurs to develop the skills to start, or take to the next level, their own small businesses.
    Real Life Church and Real Life Center for Entrepreneurial and Leadership Excellence are located in Midlothian, just west of Richmond's Interstate 288, near various retail, service, and medically oriented businesses, and within a five-mile radius of 80,000 people.
    "Through Real Life Church and Entrepreneurial Center, we are able to enter the life of our community and engage people long before they hear a sermon," says Svetlana, who holds a doctorate of ministry in leadership from Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Springfield, Mo. "We will serve our city (and beyond) by developing global leaders, increasing economic growth, and promoting creative thinking and human dignity for all its citizens."

    According to Svetlana, the Entrepreneurial Center is designed to network with business leaders, para-church organizations, educational institutions, and others to develop global influencers. And this entrepreneurial model attracts a number of people from completely unchurched backgrounds.
    "I very boldly bring God into the Entrepreneurial Center," Svetlana says. "We do networking events and different programs where I share my personal testimony and talk about God the Creator, who created everything out of nothing. We, in His image, also have that notion to create — we co-create our future with God.
    "It is amazing to see the people who connect with us on the entrepreneurial side of Real Life say, 'There is such a peace here,' and that's what pulls them in — the presence of the Holy Spirit and the peace of God that we invite into this place."
    Despite inclement weather, 64 people attended the very first service at Real Life Church, and three came forward for salvation. Most of the people who came to the launch had been reached through the Entrepreneurial Center.
    "We have people coming," says Svetlana, "that haven't been to church in several decades and children coming who have never heard a Bible story," Svetlana says.

On Sundays, Real Life Church hosts Interests Socials. Here
entrepreneurs and small business owners network and share
ideas and insights for personal and professional growth.

    A woman saw one of the Entrepreneurial Center networking events advertised on social media and she came. She loved the experience and joined the Center's membership as a Real Life Entrepreneur. A few days later, she asked Svetlana to become her business mentor and coach. "During our initial conversations she rededicated her life to Christ," says Svetlana. "When we did the Christmas Eve pre-launch service, she came to church with her husband and their three kids and they all joined Real Life Church."
    The church's name aligns with its mission: Doing real life with real people. "We're reaching out to people in the real mess of life," Svetlana says. "That's what Jesus did. He hung around tax collectors and business people. He was open to people who led communities. If you can reach the influencers of socity, it's likely that transformation will follow."
    "This is the transformation I am talking about,"
Svetlana says. "The money that AGTrust invets in church planting in communities across this nation truly leads to changed lives."

Launch service at Real Life Church and Entrepreneurial Center


"Building the Church
Anyone Can Call Home"




Pastors Jacob and Kristin Jester
Compel Church — Glendale, Arizona

Pastor Jacob prays with the Compel worship team before a service.


    "When God put the city of Phoenix in our hearts, we were immediately in love," says Jacob Jester, senior pastor of Compel Church (AG) in Glendale, Ariz. "Kristin and I loved this city before we lived here. To be effective where you are, you have to love where are you."
    Former full-time evangelists for 10 years, Jacob and Kristin Jester left their Kansas City, Mo., home in 2012 to move to Phoenix, Ariz., to plant a church.
    Shifting their focus to pastoral ministry was "exciting because we wanted to see disciples," Jacob says. "We wanted to see people experience a new relationship with Jesus and then be able to watch them live out that newfound joy. As evangelists, we didn't get to walk the journey with them. As pastors, we have the opportunity to go on the journey with them. The journey is what church planting is all about."

    When the Jesters arrived in Phoenix, they met with leadership and prayed and planned for a year. Then in January 2014, Compel Church opened its doors in the fine arts auditorium of a high school in Glendale, approximately nine miles northwest of Phoenix. Twenty-five people were in the first service.
    Since the launch the congregation has witnessed more than 200 first-time or renewed decisions for Christ at Compel.
    Pastor Jacob believes the Matching Funds, provided by AGTrust in partnership with Church Multiplication Network, were essential in establishing Compel Church. "We opened our doors on Day 1 with a church that had everything in order, and our Sunday morning experience was second to none because we had the finances to get us there."
    Compel is focused on being "a church that anyone can call home." The Jesters feel the church's growth has greatly resulted from focused discipleship, creative community outreaches, and a biblically centered Sunday morning experience.
    "God loves the unusual, He loves us, and He loves to surprise us with grace. That's what church is," says Pastor Jacob. "Church was meant to be a place where you can run when you can't find a home, a place where you are welcomed and never turned away, and a place where love abounds."


    Thank you, AGTrust donors! You are impacting this generation and future generations through church planting. Currently, 349 church plants like Compel Church have received up to $30,000 each in Matching Funds because of your giving.

    To give a gift today, help invest in future AG generations through AGTrust, GIVE NOW. You can designate your gift to "church planting," if you would like to. Thank you for your support today!

Pastors Jacob and Kristin Jester with sons Cruz (4) and Jude (7)

Sunday service at Compel Church. In the last 15 months, the church's attendance
has grown from 25 people meeting in the pastor's home to averaging 200 people
in the fine arts auditorium of Mountain Ridge High School in Glendale, Ariz.



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Church Planting Highlights

• 401 church planters have received matching funds


The Results

• 1,046,937 contacts have been made with unchurched individuals
• 5,895 people have been baptized in water
• 3,295 people have been baptized in the Spirit
• 26,664 people have made a confession of faith
• An average of 92 people per church are attending weekly
• $5.99 million has been given to mission



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