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(Almost a century old)

Pastor Troy and Therese Singleterry

and children
City View Church
San Diego, California

    "The church must go through change. It's never easy, but it's necessary. Through participating in the Acts 2 Journey, our leadership team found that effective change was possible through strategic systems. By slowly changing culture, adopting a new vision, and making every person feel counted, City View Church as started seeing healthy growth."

—Troy Singleterry, Lead Pastor, City View Church


    When Troy and Theresa Singleterry came to City View Church in San Diego, Calif., in 2015, the 95-year-old congregation was ready for a new leadership approach.

    The Singleterrys came with the seasoned insight of 23-plus years of pastoral and church revitalization experience. But their main question was: How would they effectively implement change in this historical church without losing people in the process?

    In 2016, City View chose to participate in the Acts 2 Journey Initiative, a one-year process to better church health, directed by Alton Garrison, assistant general superintendent of the Assemblies of God. Singleterry and key leaders of City View went through four Acts 2 cohorts over a year's time, in a synergized effort to impact their community.

    "Before a church defines vision and strategy, they have to decipher culture," Singleterry says. "At City View, we are trying to create a culture of eternal significance, not temporal satisfaction. We were a multigenerational church, but we also needed to be a multicultural church, and we saw that develop."

City View Church is now seeing an upward momentum of 600-plus people attending services.

    Half of the 1.3 million residents of San Diego, California's eighth-largest city located just north of the Mexican border, are Hispanic. City View Church had already developed plans for a Hispanic congregation before going through the Acts 2 Journey. In fall 2016, they launched City View Espanol, pastored by Pablo and Shirley Torres. Within six months nearly 100 mostly unchurched people were attending the Spanish-language Sunday morning services.

    In response to the framework that Acts 2 gave City View to build on their 95-year history and reach next-level potential, Singleterry says, "We honor the legacy of those before us, but we must go forward in faith. We're thankful for the past, excited for the present, and believing big things for our future." City View is now seeing an upward momentum of 600-plus people attending services.

This original photo of San Diego
First Assembly's (now called
City View Church) Sunday
School in 1952 shows just a
small fraction of the total class

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